• ''Everyone who visits our site comments on the stylish and unique design as well as the easy navigation and intelligent functionality. Quite simply, we got more than we paid for or expected. Thank you.''

    - Rob Lindstrom, Entertainment Technology Consultants

  • Recently I have hired Gabriel to work on my Website programming. I am very pleased with the entire process from start to the end. He was very responsive, detail oriented and knowledgeable about all aspect of the job. I would defiantly use his service for my other projects in the future. Ramina Khachi www.rbxbrand.com

    - Ramina Khachi, RBX Brand

  • ''After having a rather negative experience with my former web designer, a colleague referred me to Gabriel Koneta Web Services. A true professional, Gabriel personally listened to all of my concerns before proceeding with the design of my site. Gabriel was always responsive, whether it was a question or suggestion regardng a site change. Gabriel Koneta delivers five star service with a premium site. Gabriel provides nothing less than what his client asks for, Excellence.

    I am not easily satisfied, but working with Gabriel Koneta Web Services has exceeding every one of my expectations. I wouldn't recommend anyone, but the best.''

    - Kevin Edelen, Producer

  • ''Gabriel helped catapult our business to a new level with the site he designed and created for us. From the beginning of the process he had a clear and intuitive grasp of our desired goals and wonderfully brought that to life on the site. He was also creative and persistent in helping us solve some technical challenges that were specific to our site. Gabriel was consistently easy to work with and very responsive to our company’s needs.''

    - Scott McRae, Janen Music

  • ''A few years ago I decided it was time to have a web presence for my celebrity and commercial photography. The first thing on my mind was to have a site that would stand out. I knew Gabriel was designing sites and gave him a call. After speaking with him it was immediately clear that he knew what I was after. What he came up with is great. People loved it so much that a couple of years after that I had him create another site for my fine art work.

    End of story-no. Recently I inherited a family business that is completely at the other end of the spectrum from the arts. Again, Gabriel knew just what I was after.

    He is the best, and on top of that, his prices are as excellent as his work.''

    - Darryll Schiff, Photographer - Chicago

  • ''Gabriel Koneta Web Services were impressive right from the start. Beginning with their proposal and through the launch of my company’s new website, Gabriel Koneta Web Services was outstanding and professional. They articulated a clear process, set reasonable expectations and never wavered. The result was a new site that was dead-on from their first attempt and that exceeded our expectations. Our site was a bit complicated as we needed to interface with a third party software company for our cargo tracking function. Gabriel Koneta Web Services not only understood our requirements, they were able to coordinate and allow our website and the software of the third part to interface. In fact we recently took our cargo tracking function to higher level providing our customer’s with more visibility and greater shipping detail thanks to the efforts of Gabriel Koneta Web Services.

    Gabriel was responsive throughout each process and met the target dates for the initial launch as well as the upgrade modifications. I would highly recommend Gabriel Koneta Web Services.''

    - Terry Lynch, Transcon Shipping Co., Inc

  • ''''I am a small business owner, but Gabriel's vision of my website has put me shoulder to shoulder with ''the big boys.'' Not only does the site look dynamic and beautiful, it is also easy to navigate. He listened to my needs and articulated them, perfectly. All in all, Gabriel is a pleasure to work with and does a great job.

    Working with Gabriel is a relaxed and productive experience due to his professionalism, understanding and grasp of the projects goals.''

    - Robin Quinn, Artist

  • ''Hi Gabriel, I just wanted to take some time to say thank you for your work on our web site design. Our company being a foreign owned company, put both of us through some challenges but your patience and ability easily weathered the design process. You were always there and flexible when our upper management wanted to do changes. You designed us a great site, and I am sure it will increase our ability to do business.

    Keep up the great work both your talent and professionalism brought this project right where we needed it! Best of luck in the Future''

    - Dave Cox, VP, GGEC America Inc.

  • Working with Gabriel is a relaxed and productive experience due to his professionalism, understanding and grasp of the projects goals.

    - Joe Vera, Vera Design

    Los Angeles
  • Gabriel Koneta is a true creative partner!  Gabriel's response time, creativity, and technical expertise were integral elements for launching my business and continue to be assets for a long-term partnership.  Last but not least, Gabriel is enjoyable to work with and emits a level of trust which promotes ease during the creation, editing, and launch phases of a website.  You are still my BEST FIND!

    - Carolyn Himes, Remember Your Wings

  • I highly recommend Gabriel Koneta services as a Web Designer. Not only he is super nice and approachable, but he listens and deliveres as promised, and he makes the entire process extremely easy and low stress. www.acology.com

    - Anna Roma, Acology

  • Gabriel Koneta has been a great find for our company.  His design ideas have allowed us to bring a much cleaner and more professional look to our websites.  In addition, Gabriel communicates clearly, provides fast turn-around on projects and truly listens to our needs.   We have been very pleased with the work he has delivered to us and we will continue to use him for our important website design needs.

    - Earl Baer, Price and Item

  • I was trying to set up a site where clients could see my music videos in high quality versions. It was a complex setup and many web designers couldn't pull off my request. It wasn't until I met Gabriel that I was able to get all of my ideas and looks for my site realized. He did an amazing job and I couldn't be happier. It has made it so much easier for clients to see my videos in the best quality on the net. I have gotten more jobs and compliments thanks to his web design. I highly recommend him. He's fast, has a great flare for style, and can realize your ideas.

    - Gary Smithson, Film Director

  • Using Gabriel Koneta Web Services was an excellent decision. Gabriel really went above and beyond in terms of service. He was always available and turnarounds were fast.  We really felt we were a priority.  I bet most companies don’t get better service from their own in-house web designers!! Gabriel made it really easy for us. He took us step by step and made sure everything was right before moving on. Gabriel has got a great eye, a lot of talent and he created a website my firm is proud of.

    - John Bitar, Nakamoto / Bitar LLP

  • Gabriel was a complete pleasure to work with, easy, professional and attentive to our suggestions. We were under an extreme dealine, and Gabriel made it with ease and seem effortless. In addition, we also required quality photography of our product which was critical, and Gabriel was able to shoot, and edit, producing an excellent result in the time he promised and at a competitive price. It was a pleasure to work with Gabriel Koneta Website Design and I would enthusiastically recommend them to anyone serious about establishing a productive web presence.

    - Bryan Moss, Brevard Design

  • Gabriel did a great job on my website! www.baldwinrocks.com

    - Chris Baldwin, Baldwin Rock Fitness

  • For those 'not in the know' in the process of finding a web designer, the quest can be a daunting task. You ponder, ''Will I be dealing with someone who understands my limitations of the form? Will they treat my project seriously? Will they take the money and run??'' In my case, I was lucky enough to come across the path of Gabriel. Instantly, I knew I was dealing with a consummate professional who would walk me through the sometimes overwhelming process. All this while providing a comfort zone that all my needs would be met. They were exceeded. Gabriel and his team and not only professional and trustworthy, they are high-grade problem solvers and my site threw some good ones at them! Another benefit of his service is the knowledge that once your project is completed, you have responsible follow-up in the event you hit a roadblock. Gabriel's always been there to provide that little bit of needed advice to get you up and running again in no time. Should you be on a similar hunt for web design, I sincerely hope the comments you read about Gabriel will steer you in his direction. They sure did for me.”

    - Jordan Reichek, Tambour Maj Antiques

  • We are so lucky to have found Gabriel Koneta Web Services. From start to finish, Gabriel was simply a delight to work with. He is the perfect combination of creativity, professionalism and most importantly PATIENCE! Since we were just establishing our web presence, we did not have a solid idea of how our website should be laid out. Gabriel was there every step of the way, taking the time to truly understand our business in order to make our website as attractive as possible while still maintaining full functionality. If you are looking for something other than a “cookie cutter” website, I enthusiastically recommend Gabriel.

    - Raina Horn, DMP Properties

  • I would definitely recommend Gabriel K. to handle your marketing/graphics needs. He is very knowledgable and has a great team. He gets the job done overall and am looking to hire him again soon.. Thx

    - Gary Hackett, Let's Play Basketball

  • Gabriel's responsive and professional attitude, his genuinely creative approach and the timely manner of completion made my website project a pleasurable experience. His design and composition is sharp, original and esthetically superb. I highly recommend Gabriel to prospective clients and look forward to work with him in the future.

    - Henrik Keresztes Decorative Painting

  • As you seek to find that PERFECT designer for your website, you will undoubtedly find many that cost less than Gabriel. BUT I can assure you that you will find none more original, more accessible, and more dedicated to excellence than him. He is a consumate pro...amazing to work with...and he 100% goes the extra mile. If you want ''average''...go with someone else. If you want ''great'', go with Gabriel Koneta.

    - Shawn Anderson, Extra Mile America

  • I am very demanding and detailed but Gabriel was able to exceed my expectations. His professionalism was evident throughout the project. He was quick to respond, pushed the envelope to create a unique website, and provided the individual attention that all clients want and appreciate. He was so very easy to work and was always mindful of my schedule and time constraints. It was truly a collaborative effort where his expertise meshed with my requirements and concluded in a product that we could both be proud of. I can, without any reservation, recommend Gabriel Koneta.

    - Yuki Fukumoto, The Parent Notebook

  • Gabriel helped me to design a website for an international conference that I organized recently. He provided me with 3 different designs for me to choose from. Very creative work and each of them is very solid. He worked with me step by step so I can provide him all the materials needed. His work is really excellent and always quick turn around. I met him personally few times and I really don’t know how to thank him enough. I am planning to organize two other conferences and I will defiantly use his service.

    - Zeiad Muntasser, MPC 2010

  • I recently hired Gabriel, to design and build a website for me. I was truly amazed and very happy with the results. My new site jumps off the screen and Gabriel exceeded my expectations.

    - Tysen Maxwell, Urban Couture

  • Over the past year the scope and services of our business have changed and we concluded that a related company website was in dire need of a complete ‘renovation.’ We contacted Gabriel to solicit his thoughts about how best to present a ‘new look’ – one more professional in appearance that offered a more attractive design and graphics. We were pleased with his creativity, sensitivity to our budget, and timeliness in presenting us his design alternatives – particularly in that he offered us a wide range of design options that allowed us to select one that was most consistent with our goals.

    - George Ceithaml, Real Estate Consulting

  • Gabriel is extremely talented and a pleasure to work with. Communication is key to a good project and Gabriel is incredibly reliable in this aspect. We've been very pleased with the outcome of our website, from the design aspects to the more complicated web elements. I highly recommend Gabriel and will undoubtedly use his services in the future as well.

    - Mishi Schueller, Mishi's Strudel

  • Was a pleasure working with Gabriel. He was extremely professional and is very talented. He works with your ideas and comes up with fast solutions to any problems. Would highly recommend him to others thinking about looking for a web designer.

    - John Choi, Jettlaggers

  • I had a terrible experience with another web designer and was quite leery of the web design business itself.  However, after having met Gabriel, his professionalism, enthusiasm, and his knowledge of what was needed—from the provider to use, to what search engines, to designing my marketing pictures and background, were magnificent.  I have even asked for a couple of changes since first presenting the website—like adding new email addresses and additional pictures of my design projects, and, as always, he has been the most professional and helpful person I have ever worked with.  I have recommended him many times to business associates, and always will.

    - Susan R. Allen, Kennedy Elegance

  • Gabriel is easy to work with. Web designers are known to be very hard to reach, but Gabriel is the exception. He will work hard on your project and be honest. He will also keep you updated on everything and most importantly return your phone calls and e-mails promptly! I recommend Gabriel to anyone looking to build a website.

    - Pedro Chun, Siloam 153

  • Gabriel provides a unique service with an honest approach. He is has a great and individual sense of style and will handle your project with total integrity. He's usually one step ahead of you with his design vision, so if he suggests something, you should always go for it. In a field where so many others lead you on with completion dates and deadlines it's nice to meet someone who holds up their end of the deal and will hate to let you down.

    - Nick Wayne, Upstairs Downstairs Furniture

  • A class act, he works at lightning speed (I'd hedge bets on his turn around), Gabriel's work is outstanding. The process is long and tedious and he delivers inventive and original designs in a market that has seen just about everything. Gabriel is truly as good as it gets!

    - Ian Eugene Ryan, Period Pictures