• Only through a flawless balance between design, structure, technology and words can your website do what you need it to do, convey what you want it to say about you, your brand, products and services. Our full service web design firm offers full control over all these elements and more.

  • HTML Website Design (SEO optimized)

    All my visual designs are uniquely created for each client with the goal of maximizing end-customer impact.  We utilize state-of-the-art style sheets for fastest possible download time, flexibility, and browser consistency. As needed we code content for optimal display on different viewing devices such as PDAs and smart phones. Additionally, we take extreme care to code our HTML pages so they are optimal for search engine recognition.

  • Graphic (print) Design

    In addition to designing websites, we can also create first-class promotional print materials. We often design logos, business-cards, brochures and flyers for our clients, who want to build a unique business identity with consistent visual presentations.

  • Flash Design

    Our philosophy is that all elements, including animations, should be an integral part of the message and design, not just “attached” external ornaments that the visitor has to sit through to get to the actual content. Any number of animated Flash elements (such as mini slide-shows, progress descriptions, special navigations, etc) can be added anywhere throughout your website. Flash can be used on its own as the primary technology for the entire site or in combination with traditional HTML. We’re careful to ensure that the animations we create don’t add too much to the page loading time.

  • E-commerce Solutions

    If you have something (or a lot) to sell, we create fully customized e-commerce solutions for any level of complexity or simplicity. Secure credit card payments, product management systems, shipping and tax calculations can be standard features on all shopping cart projects.

  • Content Management System integration

    More and more clients want to have long term control over their website content without having to contact their designers every time they need to make a change. Our custom Content Management Systems gives you that option. Through a secure administration area, accessible via any browser, you can easily change or format text upload images or videos and more, depending on the complexity of the system. The intuitive systems are designed for non-technical administrators, so there is practically no learning curve.

  • Database Creation (PHP MySql)

    We can create any type of database, for any use, as well as determine which programming language is most compatible with your needs. Databases are usually combined with Content Management Systems for easy data handling.
    (A database is an integrated collection of logically related records or files consolidated into a common pool that provides data for one or more multiple uses.)

  • Copywriting

    The aesthetic strength of any design, of course, is only one aspect of conveying your message professionally.  Our network of top-notch copywriters can help to create any type of highly polished professional text content for your sites – and our copywriters are expert in creating copy that maximizes SEO for your site.
    We can start from scratch or work from client-supplied, existing copy. Our writers can bring your web copy to life and reflect your unique voice and personality. We also work well with your writers.

  • Graphic Image Retouching and Enhancements

    The quality of your images is crucial, and I don’t just say that because of my background and past life as a professional photographer. Image retouching and enhancement is a standard part of our service, with basic and obvious adjustments usually performed at no charge.

  • Search Engine Submission

    Every website we create is as search engine friendly as possible, and we automatically submit your finished sites to the major search engines. If you’re looking for hard-core, ongoing SEO we can steer you to the firms that specialize in that area and can guarantee results.

  • Google Analytics

    You can measure your website performance with Google analytics, knowing how many people visited, how long they stayed, which pages they viewed and how long, etc. It is a great tool to track your site’s ROI.

  • Hosting and Email Setup

    We are affiliated with and recommend a 100 percent reliable and inexpensive hosting solution that also has the best costumer support in the industry. We can also help you set up your hosting, email and domain name registration, if you need us to. But you can host your site anywhere or host it yourself, too.

  • Website Maintenance

    Not every business has the staff or desire to regularly update their site content. We can do that for the sites we develop, including creating or editing new material, making changes to the pages, or expanding the site with new functionalities.

  • Aikido Lessons and Restaurant Recommendations

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