''Those who danced were thought to be quite insane by those who could not hear the music''

-Angela Monet

In my experience, choosing a web designer--or any other professional for that matter--is a combination of fact and feeling. Of course you want someone who can do the job, knows their stuff and can provide examples and references that prove it.

What makes the difference, what often wins (or loses) the job is chemistry, connection, trust, a gut feeling. Call it what you will - some sense from somewhere that we’ll be able to work well together and even enjoy doing so.

So now that you’re here on the About page, I want to do my best to address both sides of that decision making process:  information you want to know for credibility’s sake, and information that helps you get a sense of who I am and why I do what I do. Of course I also invite you to explore the site a bit more for actual work samples and client comments. (After all, I can say whatever I want.)

I've been around the block a few times.

I’ve lived in three countries and four major cities (Budapest, Berlin, New York and Los Angeles), and that’s given me a huge range of experiences that help me understand people, problems and situations with a very limited amount of information. It’s developed both my intuition and analytical skills which come in handy or become downright essential when it comes to understanding and satisfying clients' diverse needs from all kinds of industries and backgrounds.

I am a passionate perfectionist.

I take everything I do very seriously (while trying not to take myself too seriously) and I’m proud of what I’ve accomplished—albeit sometimes by sheer willpower and grit. My perfectionism translates into my everyday world as an eye for detail, a passion to provide world class service and create work for my customers that not only thrills them and does what they need it to do, but it’s work I am proud to present in my portfolio, too.

Creativity is my way of making sense of the world around me.

To me, creativity is more than just making clever artwork. It is the key to take all the information we are bombarded with, and synthesize it into something manageable and pleasant, even original. It brings order to chaos. The result can be a unique design, an intuitive and simple structure of something, or a clear understanding of an otherwise unmanageable situation. Without creative thinking, we can get easily overwhelmed by all the possibilities, options and dilemmas today's environment presents.

I am still hungry!

I realize how competitive my line of work is, and I am grateful for the opportunity my clients present to me. My business depends on satisfied clients who spread the word about the great service and site they received from my company. If you trust me with an important project for your business, you can be sure I will go the extra mile to make sure you will not be disappointed and that your trust was placed on the right person.

The time-line and credential part

I was born in Budapest, Hungary. My formal education was completed at the University of Liberal Arts there, and I graduated with a dual master's degree in arts (specializing in fine-arts and photography) and history. My photography has been exhibited in several group and individual exhibitions in Budapest and Vienna.

After the university years and following a wide range of exploits, from a mandatory stint in the Hungarian army, to painting, photography, music and martial arts (which I still practice seriously),  I emigrated to the United States to pursue my professional photography. My first destination was New York City (and I have a funny story for every single day I spent there), but eventually I settled in Los Angeles, where I live today.

Learning to speak English was a basic issue in accomplishing my dreams, and since I only spoke a few words when I arrived, it took a few years before I had the opportunity to shoot my first professional photo assignment. But that day came, thanks to my intense motivation and dedication, and at that time I realized my most fundamental expectation for myself—I  had become a creative professional. (The starving artist or the academia intellectual role never seemed to be appealing options for me.)

For almost ten years I worked as a professional photographer, and developed an eclectic range of clientele in the fields of fashion, portraiture, architecture and others. My artistic eye lent itself to design, as well, and my scope of services expanded to include creating promotional materials and websites for my photography clients, and others.  As the word spread, and the world of photography went digital, my business became more and more creatively integrated and focused on custom websites.

There you have it. If there’s more you want to know, just ask.


Gabriel Koneta